Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Road Trip to DC Journal Entry 1

Yesterday, Monday, we woke at 3am and left by 4:30 for a trip to DC. Traveling from Wisconsin, through Illinois, Indiana, and Ohio we arrived at Breezewood, Pennsylvania for the evening.

After a good nights sleep, I awoke without an alarm at about 5 am, dressed and stole away with the car and my camera to the surrounding countryside of hills, valleys and winding roads blanketed in patches of clouds.

MISTS of every sort surrounded me. From the ridge, I could see mists in the valleys below and in the mountains above.
I could drive with a clear view and in a moment find myself entering the gauzy air of sunlit fog until I could barely see though a thick blanket of cloud until again light glowed ahead as I traveled around a turn down the road and up a hill reintroduced to the sun.

Tree limbs criss-crossed my path caging me into a wooden web silent but for the brook below and the twitter of birds awaking the morning.

For someone fascinated with mists, I thought that while on this earth this was nearly like dying and going to heaven.