Wednesday, June 30, 2010

The Still life with the teapot : Una Naranja y Una Manzana (An Orange and an Apple) #2

Una Naranja y Una Manzana
(An Orange and an Apple) #2

Today I again painted a still life with an apple and an orange. This time I included a tea pot on a cloth covered table out in the sun.
I did not end up putting the fruit on the black plate rather I placed the objects on a light blue light. I ended up turning up the glow of the sun on the tablecloth to juxtapose the cool shadows of the pot and fruit.

Tomorrow I hope to paint another orange and apple in a sunlit setting.

I am enjoying these still lifes.

Now my Spanish sentence for the the day shall be:

La manzana y la naranja están en la mesa con la tela azul.


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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A Still Life "La Naranja y La Manzana " # 1

La Naranja y La Manzana
(The Orange and the Apple) #1

Today with the companionship and encouragement of a good friend and artist I painted an apple, orange and a white tea cup on a bamboo table outside. My friend, Fred Bell painted the still life, too, from a different angle. It was interesting since yesterday I painted basically the same collection of items with one exception. Yesterday, I had the fruit on a white plate. The reflections on the fruit from the white plate virtually obliterated the shadow on the red apple. Today we looked at different colored plates with the fruit. Each plate created a different reflected light on the fruit. We decided not to use a plate and just go with the natural bamboo table top. Tomorrow en Plein Air, when I paint #2, I may try a black plate as a tray for the fruit.

I am also learning Spanish this summer with my husband, Tim.
"Me gusta comer una manzana y una naranja."
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Tuesday, June 08, 2010

A Few of Judith Reidy's Images from "Remembering the Land" Exhibition

Just a few of the images by Judith Reidy
"Remembering the Land"

It was a great show.
pictures of reception forthcoming.