Sunday, May 31, 2009

Painting 13/40 of 40 Consecutive Painting a Day Challenge - Banana # 1

Banana # 1
6 " x 7 3/4"
Watercolor on Paper

This obviously is a banana. I woke very early this morning. I painted a banana placed securing inside a box with a soft cloth. I also cut a hole in the box then shot a spot light into the box unto the banana. I would do a watercolor wash and then let it dry while I went around the house cleaning up from yesterday's block party. Then when the wash was dry I would lay in a another color and let it dry while I went back to putting my house back together.

I was pleased with the banana, especially the part that connects to the stalk. The entire banana is quite nice. As I am planning on doing people and didn't have any in my pocket at the time, I thought the folds in the fabric would be good practice at forming shapes as well.

Doing the fabric is quite a puzzle. Most problematic is not mixing up the folds. I want to do more folds.

If you would like to purchase the banana let me know.

Today I will be creating a poster for my son's Graduation next Saturday.
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