Monday, September 26, 2011

Meeting Arpik Weitzer

Judith Reidy and Arpik Weitzer
and her Ribbon
Yesterday I met Arpik, while I participated in the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure along with my husband Timothy Reidy .
Who is Arpik, but a Russian born Armenian artist, trained in the tradition of the classical Russian art School. She along with myself and many other artists, painted a Kohls Cares Ribbon for the event.

Together, she and I spent the morning photographing painted sculpture ribbons and people as we walked the race/walk route ourselves

I enjoyed my time so very much with Arpik. We talked about her life in Russia, her arrival in America, her family here. But what really interested me was her distinct training as an artist.
Trained in the classical tradition, with a strong emphasis on fundamental skills, of drawing and composition, she spent her first years painting still lifes and the last two years of training on nothing but drawing and painting from life in Figure drawing.

Skilled as an artist, Arpik,has taught at the University level but now does well doing commissioned projects in Stained glass, watercolor and oil without teaching. She has had various exhibitions, one Floral show recently at the Delind Gallery this past April.

I am hoping to urge her into Facebook and the internet when I publish this note.

Yet, apparently she is doing quite well devoting her time to making art over talking about making art! According to Arpik each of the flowers in her ribbon have symbolic meaning tied to them. What intrigued me was the bleeding hearts.
Thank you, Arpik, for a wonderful morning. We will have to meet again and paint together!

Thursday, September 01, 2011

Komen Ribbon Completed

Front of Friends

Back of Friends

Here are the finished Ribbons without the base. The ribbon to be on display at the local Kohl's Department Store in Oak Creek in September and October, accept for a time where this sculpture and others will be along the route of the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, September 25th. At the end of October there will be a national auction of the 17 sculptures, including my , Judith Reidy's 'Friends'.

I hope that my sculpture, Friends, will end up in a hospital or cancer care center to serve as an inspiration and encouragement to cancer patients and their families.
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