Thursday, December 22, 2011

Grapes Found a Home this Christmas

Still Life - Blue Grapes 
by Judith Reidy
9" x 12" unframed, 14" x 17" framed 
I received a message from the Delind Gallery telling me that they found a new home for the Grapes Painting. They would be sending me a check in the mail today! We are all delighted along with the new happy owner of Grapes.

I enjoy this painting a lot, which I painted in acrylic from life. I love the simplicity and clarity of the colors and shapes which create a rich inviting warmth of visual delight with the plate of luscious fruit. This was one of the first paintings of my grape and vineyard series which continues to grow in explorations of rich warm colors.
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Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Roads Along the Vineyard Imrpression of Light with Oil

Road to the Villa by Judith Reidy
10" x 10"
from imagination

In Process Painting.....
Further Down the Road in Tuscany by Judith Reidy

10" x 10"
from imagination

I have been working with mists in pastel in the past, having a special fascination with light.  Also, I have been interested in light in portraiture beginning the work  in oil often with a sienna  under-painting  which also creates a warm atmospheric glow in the portrait.  I have been intrigued with the power of  quick strong strokes in the first impression of the light idea.  In these landscapes created purely form my imagination and memory of light I am distilling the purity of the past impressions of glowing light with a quick hand.

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Saturday, December 03, 2011

New Art Class Location for January Announced at the Wauksha Art Crawl Dec 4, 4-10 pm

Come on over the the Waukesha Art Crawl  this Saturday, December 3, 2011, and learn about the classes  starting in January taught by Lorin Willey and Judith Reidy at the Clinton Street Gallery.

The Art Crawls occur several times a year.  It is a time from 4 to 10 pm where the whole Waukesha downtown is a buzz with activities in all the many galleries, retail stores and restaurants.  There should be live music and celebration everywhere.  Be at the December 4 Art Crawl!