Monday, May 04, 2009

His and Her LOve Together

I wrote this little poem on May 1, May Day, Earth Day or Labor Day (Mexico)

This time of year, I love to dig in the dirt. I love to let my fingers touch the earth and press my hands into the soil and smell the wet dust, the beginning of life again. In a few weeks in May everything will be I wrote a poem.

His and Her LOve Together

It is simple
I am here

because of love

He loved her, my mom
She loved him, my dad.

Their love gave birth.
their self-less-ness
did not snuff me out.
their courage in the face of unknown
kept me alive
Floundering in a sea of objectionable options
they stumbled together flat on their faces

Yet their service in the face of frustration
nurtured my growth
God's love came to him and to her
He drew on God's love as did she
Then his love strengthened her love
Her love came alongside his love
Together their love gave to me
Together their love
will never

I forgot

I am here
because of love
Her and His love
Their love as one

For Mother and Fathers the Day is one vision of persevering love forever beautiful

"And these three remain: faith, hope, and love. But the greatest of these is love.... "
1 Corinthians 13

What is love in an impolitic world?
One to another simple service one to another
quiet, simple kindness in the face of maneuverings on Wall Street or Darfur
a handshake
a cup of cold water
though cynics sneer
It is simple
I am here
because of love
courage in LOve

Note: He, She, Her Him They're Their together as one and yet uniquely distinct choosing to sacrifice part of self for love larger than self
For fruit sweeter than the flower.

In memory of
Alvin Hanson, my mothers dear friend, just died a week ago.
He had been spending his final days with his daughter in New York state.