Wednesday, May 31, 2017

This sounds like fun too.
Win Weekend Painting Workshop 
 artist, instructor
 Judith Reidy.

I  am creating an educational blog this summer. 

 It will be providing ideas and instruction in 
 painting and drawing technique as well as Art History

 Each post
 will have either
 a practice painting,
 a series of questions, 
or opportunities to comment from each post.

Guidelines for Winning
  1. Follow the Judith Reidy Art Classes Blog 
  2. Chances earned for each response vary according to the clearly posted level of difficulty. from 1 to 15 ( 15 being the highest)
  3. The minimum requirement to be entered to win is 30 points.
  4. Extra Credit chances can be earned by class attendance in day or evening classes.
  5. Last day of August, Winner will be announced.

For me it will be great fun to spend the weekend sharing with another artist with whom I have had the opportunity to develop an in depth conversation about art over the summer on our blog. Together this summer we will cover such topics as ....
 Tonalist Painting, 
 Impressionistic Paint of Light,
 Thumbnail Sketches,
 Plein Air Painting,
 Developing Purpose,
 Perspective Drawing,
Colors Mixing and Vibration
 preparing to draw people
  the value of still life drawing and painting
and many more topics. 

Join in the conversation and WIN,

We are starting Today.   With the first lesson..... at the Judith Reidy Art Classes Blog 
Tonalism Lesson 1  Part 1 Let's look at a Tonalist painting in terms of Composition

Judith Reidy