Wednesday, December 02, 2015

Spain and Morocco Trip for Judith Reidy with her Daughter Anna

Written a few days ago.....

Pictures from "First Days in Madrid Spain" Link

Today, I am preparing for my trip home to the United States. As I sit watching the sunrise over the distant mountain overlooking Tangier I am writing you thinking of the many sights and sounds I have experiences in the past three weeks. The view from my daughter's salon window overlooks the old port city. Six stories below is a street across of which is an old Jewish cemetery filled with trees around which are stacked stone sepulchers marking the graves placed there hundreds of years ago...even before the United States was a nation or Christopher Columbus discovered America. My daughter's apartment is in the old part of the city where houses are stacked and streets and walkways narrowly wide through the Medina. Beyond the cemetery to the east are a few old buildings and a retired shipping port and a new city rapidly changing and growing modern apartments with amenities.

Pictures from "Followed by an afternoon and morning in Sevilla, Spain" Link

It is a strange thing to watch someone drive a donkey which is laden with burdens while the driver walking alongside is talking on the cell phone. It is a community in transition through technology. The old and the new blending together and dissolving into one another. Cars and motorized carts are everywhere in this bustling city with s few parking and traffic signs but no stop signs or stop and go lights. People just cross the street by stepping out into traffic. At corners and roundabouts which are everywhere cars just muscles their way around. Its amazing how it works as well as it does, but the system functions.

Pictures from "Crossing the Strait of Gibraltar to Tangier Morocco" Link

For me what is eye opening is how perceptionally binding yet arbitrary our rules are from one culture to the next.....even traffic laws.

Pictures from "A Day in Asilah" Link

I have so many stories and adventures to tell!

Pictures from "Thursday in Chefhaouen" Link

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