Monday, June 08, 2009

Painting 20/40 of 40 Consecutive Day Painting a Day Challenge - Young Actor for Spanky

Young Actor for Spanky
6" x 7.25 "
Watercolor on Paper

I actually am having a relaxing time with this painting. After hosting my son's High School Graduation Party this weekend, I am enjoying working from one of my son's younger days photos.

This weekend marks a MAJOR milestone in my life - my youngest son's graduation from highschool, probably up there with my wedding day and the birth fo my first child or the death of my father. Many of you may not be aware that I had homeschool our four children. Raising and teaching these children was an act of love and my major creative enterprise for over 28 years. I had some of my greatest joys and most wounding experiences in this role as mother and teacher. The goal of teaching was to put myself out of a job. My other more important goal was for my children to have a sense of calling and service to God and their fellow man. Yet another goal was for them to be both kind and happy in being kind.
I have not succeded in all these goals, yet in some measure there was some sucess for them.
Now my role has changed. I officially have retired as teacher.
This weekend's Graduation Ceremony marked the end of an era and a new beginning.
To many of you I wish to thank you for sharing with me this time.

I am now going to restructure my life, assess my activities and reprioritize my time.
It is an exciting time.
This photo I found while my son and I were preparing a photo display board of my son Caleb's life. I found a few others that I would like to use as source materials for other paintings.

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