Sunday, June 28, 2009

Do any of you have an item you just can't throw away? Well so do I. OR is it Junk and I am in denial?

Do any of you have an item you just can't throw away. Well so do I. I hold on to the memory of friendships with items we have shared together. One such item is our tea tray, which sadly broke this past Thursday while I was carrying in dinner dishes from the patio.This tray holds memories of service to friends and family served tea and special coffees and pie around the table. It holds memories of laughter and stories and heart break in summer, winter, fall .... I hope we can repair it. Most of all it was made by my husband some twenty plus years ago.I have other such memory with a recipe storage book that is falling to pieces. It was a wedding shower gift from one of my favorite aunts, Aunt Christine, whose middle name I have. As a young girl, I was impressed with her kindness and elegance. She taught me how to set a table. She taught me how to create things. She taught be that I could create beautiful things. Yet the recipe book cover itself is more sweet than I prefer, every time I use it I think of her.

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