Tuesday, June 02, 2009

15/40 Painting a Day for 40 Consecutive Days - Mr Mendon

Mr. Mendon
10" x 12"
Watercolor and Ink
not for sale

This is my neighbor. He is a remarkable guy, weathered with construction work and many years of raising a family.

I love gray paintings. I like messy lines for drawings of gruff no nonsense workers. This is not a "pretty picture of a pretty face." I like the abstract beauty of the lines and the washes. I feel like I have captured his spirit in the spontaneity of the line.

Now back to my other life that weaves into my art life.
Here we go! The next few days shall be very busy, with traveling to pick up Grandma up north and graduation preparation.

It is just too uncanny. I have a call for arranging an exhibition on the east side in a gallery spot, a journalist, Bonnie North, offered to pose for a moody window portrait, a slew of new listings for the Griffin Gallery website. and a request from a high school friend for a reunion visit all this week. Oh, when it rains it pours. How I wish I could divide myself up and do it all at once. But not possible. It will get done but not this week.
But I will get it done.
Now for tonight, I am going to work with my son on his display poster of "his Life" thus far. It should have been done yesterday, but who is keeping track. :)
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