Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Judith Reidy's New Class on Color Theory in Demand

By popular interest and demand, Judith is offering a class

on color theoryat two locations and times. 

How do you mix this color? How do you create mood with color? How do you create glowing color?  How do seemingly drab colors function to make glow in a painting?  What are the guidelines for creating depth with color and value in a painting?  What is the relationship of color and value in a painting?  All these questions and more will be answered in this class.

These are the only times I can offer these classes at this time.

 One class  is at the Wilson Senior center 
this coming Tuesday August 14, at 1:15 pm.

 The next offering will be at Greenfield News and Hobby 
and will run for two consecutive days
 in the late afternoon on Tuesday and Wednesday,  September 4 and 5th. 
 For Details I suggest that you go to the calendar of events and click on the dates.

I can teach this class with any chosen media as long as you have these kinds of colors
one warm red and one cool red
one warm blue and one cool blue
one warm yellow and one cool yellow
pad of canvas or pad of paper depending on media
a solvent depending on media....

If you have questions about these colors call me or come early to Greenfield News and Hobby and Purchase the colors you need with my assistance.