Sunday, August 12, 2012

Judith Reidy at the Renaisance Faire in Bristol, Wisconsin....her Entry

Shakespeare's Meadow....
by Judith Reidy

14" x 17" framed
Auction begins at
4pm at Renaisance Faire
in Bristol, WI
near Kenosha and the Illinois border.....

I had never been to the Renaisance Faire before this event... but WOW what an unbelievable treasure a few minutes from my home... 28 min to be exact...
I found myself to transported in time to a delightful age of fanfare, fright and frolic.  No mild manners here.  Gypsis, ladies in waiting, maidens all aglow, Knights and jugglers... all in a little Camelot and Sherwood Forest...
Just Great..

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