Sunday, September 07, 2014

Working to Reduce the Unseemly Posts I'VE BEEN HACKED

Hello All,

I have been extremely frustrated with the strange posts that somehow make their way onto my blog and unto Facebook.  I  have my blog set so that posts are suppose to be monitored by me but that does not seem to prevent a hacker from posting unseemly self promotional messages.

I am changing how I post and through whom I post.  Perhaps then the problem will be scotched.

As many of you know I have had carpal tunnel release surgery  April 17, 2014 with a healing setback when the wound reopened after the stitches were removed.

As a result many of my plans for painting had to be adjusted.  I reduced my painting and teaching schedule and went on a retreat  as well as spent more time on glass fusing and reading and journaling.
On the whole it has been good for me to reassess and learn how to accept a new direction for my life work.

Again, I hope thank you for your patience as I work to reduce all the ichy posts.