Monday, February 10, 2014

Critique of Judith Reidy's Students' Exhibition Paintings

As my students instructor I should let you know something about myself. 
I was fortunate to have had a qualified friend who  without solicitation kindly offered to critique the work for the benefit of all of you my students who have been interested in developing as artists or understanding the development of "right" thinking on art.  Follow the link at the bottom for the comments as promised at the reception.

Judith Reidy
……Artist and Instructor of t....her       students



Judith C. Reidy graduated from the UWM School of Fine Arts, with a major in painting and drawing, BFA. She studied with such artists as Lorin Willey,  Fred Bell, Katie Mussloff, Greg LaRock, Lawrence Rathsack, Adolph Rosenblatt, Tom Uttech, Joan Franzen, Laura Priebe, Helena Ehlke, Joe Stanke, Paulette Jensen, Daryll Jenson, and Ed Knippers, Stephan Samerjan.


Current: Rivers End Gallery, Waukesha, WI
De Lind Gallery, Milwaukee, WI


Wisconsin Plein Air Painters
League of Milwaukee Artists - Exhibition Chair 2006-2008
Wisconsin Visual Artist s - formerly Wisconsin Painters and Sculptures

2nd Place, an Honorable Mention, Milwaukee Domes Art Festival, August 17, 10am –August 19, 2012 4pm
Honorable Mention, A State of Inspiration Exhibition - Schauer Center for the Arts, Hardford, WI., July 20,–September 3, 2012
Honorable Mention, Art and Music in the Park -  Plein air Event FAME - Mukwonago, July 9 -July 13, 2012
Second Place, Mini Masters, Raven Gallery30,2011 Pewaukee, WI, November 2011 through December Show,
Ist Place, Brush with the Wind 2011, Wisconsin Plein Air Plein Air Painters Association, May 2011
Best of Show, Go Figure, Wisconsin Pastel Artists, Gallery 110 North, Plymouth, WI, Jan 16 - Mar15, 2009,
Honorable Mention, Falling for You, Wisconsin Pastel Artists, Art Bar, Milwaukee, WI, February 5 through March 18, 2010
Honorable Mention, Plein Aire art Competition on Downer in Milwaukee, WI May June 2008
Award of Excellence, “Gathering Before the Storm”, League of Milwaukee Artists’ Winter Show, Museum of Wisconsin Art, January 2 through March 2, 2008
Third Place, Oconomowoc Paintfest, August 2007,
Second Place, Waukesha Wet Paint Event Aug 2006
Best of Show, AC Art Association Winter

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