Friday, March 08, 2013

Still Life in Acrylic Painting Class

My Acrylic Painting Class worked on a Still Life set up in the room....not from a photo.  Each created their painting of the still life from where they were in the room. Thus they each had a slightly different perspective of the still life.
 If you look in the the background you will see that I created a grid over the still life with a matt and some tape.  The students then from their seat drew their own grid on their canvas and marked out the placement of the objects according to the grid.

Then they layed out the dark and light structure of the still life scene.  This is called the notan.  I asked them to look for interesting shapes in their layout.

Then they blocked in the major colors and values. 
 Here are the completed paintings together.

Below you can see each painting with the student

 Ellen's painting

Flo's Painting

Kathy's painting
Theses painting were done in Judith Reidy's afternoon acrylic Painting class at
Greenfield News and Hobby.
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