Friday, March 09, 2012

Tricky Project in Reading Colors as Values

 Hope you enjoy this tricky project of reading colors as values.

  • Black to White in seven steps
  • Raw Sienna to light 4 steps
  • Raw Sienna and Cad Red Light 4 steps to white
  • Cad Red Light 4 steps to white
  • Burnt Umber in six steps
  • Raw Umber in seven steps

Take a look in Grayscale. 
What do you think? 
  • Is Raw Sienna and Cad Red Lt and the mix of the two actually closest to the third lightest grey?
  • Maybe all the colors in the fourth row are too light for the middle value?  Yes ! 
  • Can the Raw Umber and Burnt Umber  very Lightest  and second lightest be made lighter to match their gray value

Well, back to correcting the values.
Reading colors as values can be tricky
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