Sunday, November 20, 2011

3 is a Charm this Week for Judith Reidy

I had a terrific week for award, a completed and delivered portrait and  an auctioned Open Canvas landscape painting !

"The Compassionate Physician - Dr Peterson"
By Judith Reidy
is delivered
I have been working on portraiture and am very please with how this one turned out is the wise doctor.

  Morning at Fowler Lake
By Judith Reidy
36" x 27"
Auctioned off at the Open Canvas fundraiser
for MIAD

To complete an canvas of this size in a day was exciting.  I worked from a small pachade that I loved.   

2nd Place Winner in the Mini Masters
Flash of Light
by Judith Reidy
6" x 8" Add caption
From Raven Gallery and Framing
  I can't say this is the icing on the cake...but I do love this little gem from my trip to Ireland...for me the land of clouds and dewy mists...