Friday, October 23, 2009

Leaves: Judith Reidy's Painting and Paul Anderson's Poem

Ten Poets, Ten Painters: One Vision
painting by artist, Judith Reidy


by Poet, Paula Anderson

A slight breeze brushes the green leaves,
a reminder of summer’s crossing,
the green lobes of the oak leaf
polished and glistening liked waxed fruit
will crinkle from water loss like the rest of nature aging,
no tarted up polyurethane for you,
later gawkers at your colors, leaf peepers,
and you blind to adulation,
knowing no one can re-live what isn’t known.

But we know lost passion.
It remarks on wrinkles like withering
strawberries ripe and red,
losing taste and succulence,
not a single mouth wants you.

A season can be enough to rage the soul.
Memories tied to a face tattooed with mold
but those are hard to understand,
when words for you are the mist of warmth––
breath to push away the fate of winter.