Tuesday, January 08, 2008

My trip in Ireland form Belfast


What a trip it has been since last November 20, 2008 when I flew off to Ireland for a visit with my daughter in Belfast and a seven day stay in the secluded peninsula of Inishowen at Malin Head the northern most point of Ireland. To the north on a clear day one can see Scotland. To the south one sees sheep pasture lands covering bony green hills receding into the horizon.

I first will show you a few pictures of Belfast where I visited my daughter. Then I will take you for a ride into the country and to Malin Head and my little hostel Sandrock Hostel, where I sat 50 yards from the bay watching the weather change the sky and the seas and the earth by the hour.

I would return there in a heartbeat for another painting trip. I had a huge shared kitchen with a attached sitting room with a wood burning stove where I kept a warm pot of tea ready while I painted at the bay window overlooking the bay to the south that cut into the land from the Atlantic ocean to the North.

From this one spot I could see the sun rise and set on any given day. I watched the tides rise and fall exposing the rocky shore and its sea creatures.
As I slept I could hear the rush of the wind and the pounding of the waves upon the shore.
I slept like a babe.
Take a look and enjoy.

Near Anna's apartment

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